KB -01

Biblical Principles of Leadership


This is a core leadership course designed for those who intend to be future leaders in ministry. This course will move from definitions to the process of leadership, the 5 levels of leadership, navigating the course of leadership, and an evaluation of leadership effectiveness.  Models from the corporate environment will be compared and contrasted with biblical definitions and illustrations of leadership.



Passing the Baton - Succession Planning


This biblical-based course will discuss how to format a plan of succession by focusing on what the ministry will look like in the future rather than who will be leading. We trust God to put the right person in place to lead when that day comes. As leaders, we want our ministries to survive beyond our lifespan, but only if it continues to be relevant to the mission and purpose of the church.


Can They See What You See? - Casting Vision and Strategy


In this workshop, ministry leaders will learn to develop a vision for their respective ministry and empowering their members to accept it, live it, and serve in it!  In addition, you will learn to develop a strategic plan to help fulfill God’s vision for your church.  Your ministry strategy will serve as a map providing direction to your destination and provide you with a game plan for your ministry and a means of

measuring your effectiveness and results.



 Ministry SWOT


In this workshop, ministry leaders will work through The SWOT analysis that will be very helpful in evaluating the strategic effectiveness of existing church programs. It should be used in conjunction with brainstorming new and alternate church programs.


Restructuring to Grow


It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In this workshop, we will identify areas in the ministry where it seems that the same things are being done over and over and always hoping that something would change!



Preparing the Ground for A Healthy Ministry


In this workshop, we will define the concept of systems thinking from a biblical prospective.  In additional, we will assess and apply systemic thinking to develop and enhance the ministry’s health.



Leading from The Middle


In this workshop, you will learn that everyone has influence; no matter who you are, no matter where you serve, no matter what you do, you have influence with the people around you. You build this influence with your character, your actions, and your willingness to add value to others.  Even though you may not have a position of influence, you are in position to influence. That makes you a leader.  In addition, you will discover the challenges and principles of leading up.