Preparing the Soil for the NEXT

I will share a few of the excerpts from my recent workshop "Preparing the Soil for the NEXT.

First, leaders must realize that we serve in an interim position. We should all have the word interim in front of our titles. In life we live through seasons. Each season comes with its own set of challenges and changes. As leaders we would love to stay in our position as long as possible; especially if we are the founder of a church, business or organization. However, life is funny, and things happen. In the Kingdom of God, the Lord may decide to assign you to another city or country to start another ministry.

As a leader of a church, ministry, organization or business we must be wisely cognizant of when our season for leadership in a specific place is over. If you realize that God is calling you to another mission field or if it is time for you to turn over the ministry to someone else, make sure that the person you have chosen is qualified to continue your legacy. May I add, not only to continue your legacy but to take the vision beyond what you had imagined.

It is imperative that all leaders prepare the soil for the NEXT! Make sure that you have cultivated and seeded into those in whom you desire to carry on your legacy.

There are 5 practical steps to equip your NEXT:

Encourage them to serve – John 14:1, Matt. 6:25

Qualify them to serve Luke 14:26

Understand their needs - (Luke 11:1-4)

Instruct them - (Matt. 12); (Mark 10:32-34)

Pray for them (John 17)

Cultivate the Soil and Choose Wisely

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