The Gideon Effect - A Man With A Plan

I have been in the church for many years and have served in leadership capacities. Looking back, I realize that I have been under very dynamic preachers and leaders. However, I have also been under leadership where the vision and the mission statements were in-line with the Word of God. In the vision meeting the Pastor would cast the vision. But after leaving the meeting I realized that the mission and vision statements are awesome, but there was not strategy. It is one thing to say what you want to accomplish but it is another thing to have a plan or a strategy for bringing the vision to fruition.

Lately, many have been teaching on Ephesians 6:10-18 over the past year. We are living in a time where as Christians we must have on all of our spiritual armor. But after we put on the armor – then what? If we are preparing for war, what’s the strategy? Your ministry strategy must serve as a map providing direction to your destination and provide you with a game plan for your ministry and a means of measuring your effectiveness and results.

In Judges 6 we are introduced to Gideon the son of Joash the Abiezrite. He came from a family who worshipped idols. While his father participated in idol worship Gideon did not agree with his father’s form of worship. Gideon stood out from the crowd. It has been said that if you are lead you must turn your back on the crowd.

God knows what He has instilled in each one of His children. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Because of the oppression of the Midianites, God heard the cries of His disobedient children and decides to come to their aid. He visits Gideon under the tree and calls to him saying, “The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.” God saw him as a mighty man of valour, a leader- but he saw himself as the least in his family.” However, after many conversations with God, he took on the challenge confident that God was going to deliver. This was not an ordinary war. The Midianites were fierce and strong. So, while Gideon was going in the strength that he had as God instructed, he needed a plan, a strategy.

Note, there was one ultimate assignment (to destroy the Midianites) but there were 2 stages of the assignment. Both required a strategy.

  1. Obey God and tear down the idols

  2. Go in and defeat the Midianites

Gideon took the assignment and formed a strategy.

Strategy 1 – Inquire of God

Strategy 2 – Do what God has instructed

Strategy 3 – Come prepared to do the hard things: Gideon had to tear down what was not working and rebuild it the right way. This meant tearing down what was familiar and rebuilding something unfamiliar and unwanted by the masses. – Vs. 25-26

Strategy 4 – Be strategic in when to make changes. They went in at night for fear of the people.

Strategy 4 – Build a team – Vs. 27 Gideon realized he could not accomplish this task alone. He needed help. He got 10 servants. He got people who were workers willing to take instruction and do what was asked of them.

Strategy 5 – Stand by your decision and on what God has told you to do. Those who disagree with the necessary changes may decide to get rid of you, but God will always defend His will. Vs. 31

Now, Part 2 of the assignment begins.

Strategy 6 – Assemble a trained and experience team for the assignment. It may be necessary to train a team to accomplish the set assignment.

Strategy 7 – Educate yourself about the assignment. If your vision is to make a difference in your community – learn about the needs of your community.

Strategy 8 – Learn about those on your team. Know their strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy 9 – Inquire of the Lord again. Allow the Lord to show you how to accomplish the assignment. Then worship Him.

Strategy 10 – Choose the right team members for the assignment. Not everyone can go on every assignment.

Strategy 11 – Give clear instructions. Vss. 15-20.

What is the vision for your ministry? What is your strategy? If you do not have a vision or a strategy you will not survive.

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